Highway 104 section to be twinned – without tolls

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A long fought battle has come to an end today as Geoff MacLellan, minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, has announced the twinning of Highway 104 from Sutherlands River to Antigonish.

The announcement, made today, April 26, has the province committing $390 million to twinning and improving safety on highways in Nova Scotia.

“We did not hear overwhelming support from Nova Scotians about paying a toll for twinned highways, but they were clear we should act now to improve our roads,” said MacLellan.

It is a huge victory for local groups that have been advocating for the twinning of the highway since 2014 after a fatal collision resulted in the death of a teenager.

Joe MacDonald, a vocal advocate for the twinned highways and chief of the Barney’s River Volunteer Fire Department, is thrilled about the announcement.

“I thought there would be something done but I thought it would have to be tolled,” he said.

Having the proposed twinning happening without the need for a toll meets the views of the public that MacDonald had been hearing from, although he noted most people just wanted the project done sooner than later – whether the highway would have to be tolled or not.

“It’s going to happen sooner. It’s fantastic,” MacDonald said.

Check next Wednesday’s Advocate for more details.

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