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Little Harbour firefighter Kenny Arsenault has 21,390 thank yous for Pictou County.

Speaking for the Pictou County Firefighters Association, Arsenault said he was blown away by the funds raised at this year’s Easter Boot Drive on behalf of Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

“On behalf of the Pictou County Firefighters I would like to thank Pictou County for their generous support for the Boot Drive for Muscular Dystrophy,” Arsenault said. “I just can’t get over how generous Pictou County was to a worthy cause as muscular dystrophy.”

The $21,390 tops last years efforts, and is to date the most raised by the campaign. Fundraising took place over just the Thursday prior to and the Saturday after Good Friday, and campaigning took place at locations throughout Pictou County.

It was a heavy load as well, as the bulk of the donations were made in coin.

“The biggest majority was coin,” Arsenault said. “We probably got $1,500 to $2,000 in bills, the rest was in coin. The quarters really took it over this year, but the loonies and toonies were up as well.”

Arsenault said someone in Stellarton dropped a $100 into the boot, which left him gobsmacked.

As for why this year proved to be the year, Arsenault felt it in part came down to good weather and good advertising, while giving some credit to the 22 fire departments involved.

“I would also like to thank the firefighters who gave up their time on Easter weekend to come out for a worthy cause,” Arsenault said.

An additional boot drive will be held in September to honour Muscular Dystrophy Month. 

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