Budget balanced on backs of families


To the Editor:

They tell us, ‘We will have a balanced budget and it only took us four years. We had to make a few changes, some major cuts but we have a balanced budget’.

Sorry we have no doctors — but we have a balanced budget. Sorry we have terrible healthcare — but we have a balanced budget.

Sorry we had to eliminate schools, make larger classrooms, added pressure on teachers, take away from special needs — but we have a balanced budget.

Sorry we are taking away from seniors — but we have a balanced budget.

Sorry we have reduced mental health services — but we have a balanced budget.

Sorry our family units are challenged — but we do have a balanced budget.

Families of our future… We need to invest in our future, our children’s future. Like taking out a mortgage on a home, buying a car, which is an investment, it takes 10-15 years to pay it back. We invest in it!

We will invest in our future — your future. We will have doctors, improved healthcare, invest in classrooms, teachers, special needs; we will put money in senior care, and try to eliminate, as much as we can, our food bank issues and poverty. We will do this by investing in our minimum wage — by increasing it.

We will invest wisely in our future — and not simply cut to ‘balance a budget’!

If the budget is balanced with all the above mentioned, in your heart, can you really believe it’s a true balance? And is a balanced budget worth this cost — no schools, doctors, etc.?

I feel if we say yes, we are selling ourselves short.

Shawn McNamara

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