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Embracing The World 2017, being held in Pictou County, is just two days away!

Many people from all over Nova Scotia and beyond are expected to attend.

Brahmachari Ramanand will be landing from his tour at Toronto, Ont. He is a PhD graduate in computer science from the University of Maryland, College Park and his talks, usually conveyed humorously, are inspiring and uplifting. He has been a longtime disciple of the World Peace Leader Amma since the age of 3. He will be accompanied this year by Kishore Ramakrishnan of Mississauga, Ont.


Friday May 12, 7-8pm at Northumberland Regional High School, Alma
Guided meditation and satsang together with Brahmachari Ramanand. Everyone is welcome, all ages.

Saturday May 13, 9am-9:15am, Pictou

World peace prayer at the Hector Heritage Quay with Brahmachari Ramanand and Kishore Ramakrishnan. Open for everyone to join!

Saturday May 13, 2-5pm, Northumberland Regional High School, Alma
Embracing the World Program. Open for everyone.

Members of Amma Nova Scotia met at the Kaiprath home for a satsang, a spiritual gathering of people sharing ideas for humanity. They occur monthly at the end of each Saturday. It was a special prayer this time in view of the observance of Earth Hour. From left: Sunethra Kaiprath and David Hamilton sit in the background as Kaiprath’s mother, Soumini Kaiprath conducts meditation and prayer. (Goodwin photo)

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