On youth …


One of the keys to Nova Scotia’s future success is the investment in our future generations. We know that our kids need three things to keep them in our province: affordable education, jobs and modern internet/cellphone access.

Under the McNeil government, we have seen a lack of attention to the future of Nova Scotia. Since their election, we saw them scrap the Graduate Retention Rebate, allow universities to increase tuition on post-secondary students, and permit internet access to fall further behind other provinces. You and I both know that this will not keep our kids and grandkids in this province.

The statistics prove that the McNeil plan does not work. We have seen youth employment decrease by 10% over the past two years, tuition rise to some of the highest rates in the country, while countless Nova Scotian’s have little to no internet or cell phone access. This cannot continue!

Following the recommendations of the Ivany Report, the PC Party is ready to provide real solutions to keep our youth here. I propose that we develop a youth employment strategy, which will include a Graduate Retention Rebate to help connect young people to the workforce. The strategy will also implement a plan to lower Nova Scotia tuition rates to the national average, promote reasonable resource development and IT jobs, as well as invest in rural internet access.

Investments focused on results will help our children stay in our province and build a stronger economy.

Tim Houston
PC Candidate for Pictou East


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