Candidate cries foul over state of rural road

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To the Editor:

Walkerville Road residents are frustrated over a government department which does not seem to provide maintenance or undertake “infrastructure renewal”.

There are deep and sharp potholes full of water. The gravel that filled the holes is spread across the sidewalk in the spray from hundreds of vehicles per day.  School buses, students being driven by parents, and those using the sidewalk to get to school are affected.  Seniors living along the road point out they cannot get their exercise because of the road condition.

The evidence is that several people have complained over a three year period but nothing gets done.

It is a question of safety on a highly used road.  If this street were in the Halifax region and managed by the Department of Transportation, the road repairs would have been done quickly.

But then again, rural Nova Scotia seems to be ignored between election campaigns.

Deborah Stiles
NDP candidate Pictou East

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