Locals win track, field events


STELLARTON — Local athletes did well last week during the 2017 Pictou and Cumberland district track and field meet at the Pioneer Coal facility.

Lauren Quann of Pictou Academy won five senior girls’ events that included the 200-metre dash, 80-metre hurdles, high jump, long jump and javelin.

Tatum McLean of Northumberland Regional High was first, Quann second and Lexie Trevors third in shot put, while Lindsey Wilson of Pictou Academy was third in triple jump.

McLean was first, Robyn Simpson of North Nova was second and Heath Miller was third in discus.

Pictou Academy’s Olivia Pretty was third and Peyton Briand fourth in the 400-metre dash, while Northumberland’s Emma Cameron was second, Hayley MacDougall third and Kiara Sutherland fourth at 800 metres.

Brianna Sandluck of North Nova won both the 1,500-metre and 3,000-metre races.

Pictou Academy was first and North Nova second in the 4×100-metre relay, while North Nova was first and Pictou Academy second in the 4×400-metre relay.

In senior boys, North Nova’s Ryan MacLennan was first and Alex Moore was second in the 100-metre dash. The Academy’s Mac Murray was third and Ethan Scothorn fourth.

Moore was first and Eric Hughes of NRHS was second in the 200-metre dash and also won the 400-metre race.

Hughes won the 100-metre hurdles race and North Nova won both relay races.

Raymond Simpson of North Nova won the 1,500-metre and 3,000-metre races. Hunter Francis was third in the 3,000 event.

In field events, the Academy’s Brady Kennedy won the triple jump. Jake Temple and Ethan MacCallum placed 1-2 in javelin and 2-3 in discus.

In junior girls, Taylor Long of New Glasgow Academy won the 400-metre race. Long was first and Pictou Academy’s Kelli MacDonald was second in the 800-metre distance.

West Pictou’s Eilidh Cameron was first and NGA’s Abby Moir was second in the 1,500-metre race, while Cameron was first and Nell Cameron of West Pictou was second in the 3,000-metre race.

Myla Briand of PA was first and Kristen Ross of West Pictou was second in hurdles.

MacDonald won the long jum, and the Academy’s Emma MacKeil won at shot put.

Christina Bailey of NGA won javelin.

In intermediate girls, Lauren MacLeod, Tyler Cromwell and Victoria Dunn went 1-2-3 for North Nova in the 100-metre dash. Cromwell led MacLeod and Dunn in the 200-metre race.

Allie Sandluck of North Nova won the 1,500-metre and 3,000-metre races.

North Nova won the 4×100-metre relay.

PA’s Jenna Reid won the shot put, javelin and discus events.

In junior boys, Breton MacDonnell of NGA was first, Cale Bonvie of Dr. W.A. MacLeod was second and Keiran Hislop was third in high jump. Lagan Horton of East Pictou was second in long jump.

Tyler Trail of West Pictou won discus and Matt MacLeod of Thorburn won javelin.

In intermediate boys, North Nova’s Brodin DeCoff won the 100-metre, 200-metre and 400-metre sprints.

Ross Bennett was second to Daniel Stewart at 800 metres and won the 1,500-metre and 3,000-metre races.

Northumberland won both relays.

Brett Corbin of NRHS won both high jump and long jump, while Parker Swain of NRHS won shot put, discus and javelin.

John Adams of E.B. Chandler winces as he crosses the finish line ahead of Cole MacDougall of West Pictou. (Goodwin photo)

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