County stays true blue

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Pictou County stayed true to Progressive Conservative blue on Tuesday night in the 40th Provincial General Election.

All of the Progressive Conservative incumbents in the ridings of Pictou East, Pictou Centre and Pictou West were resoundingly re-elected.

Nova Scotians elected a Liberal majority government with 27 districts electing Liberals, 17 electing Progressive Conservatives and seven electing the NDP. No one from the Green Party of Canada was elected.

In Pictou Centre, Pat Dunn received 3,773 votes with 52.43 per cent of valid votes cast. There were 12,932 registered electors and 7,196 votes were cast representing 55.86 per cent of voter turnout, according to Elections Nova Scotia. Liberal Jeff Davis received 2,027 votes and NDP’s Henderson Paris took 1,396 votes.

Tim Houston, representing Pictou East, received 5,275 votes and a whopping 73.88 per cent of votes cast, compared to the Liberal’s John Fraser with 1,306 votes and NDP candidate Deborah Stiles with 559 votes. There were 11,885 eligible voters and 60.34 per cent of them turned out to vote.

In Pictou West, Karla MacFarlane received 4,333 votes with 62.44 per cent of valid votes cast. Liberal candidate Ben MacLean had 1,143 votes and NDP candidate Shawn McNamara had 1,302 votes. Green Party candidate Cecile Vigneault received 161 votes. There were 11,078 registered electors, 6,939 people actually voted which represented a voter turnout of 62.89 per cent.

Voter turnout was less than 50 per cent across the province.

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