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Pictou Centre showed its true colours Tuesday evening as incumbent MLA Pat Dunn of the Progressive Conservative Party held his seat in the riding.

Dunn was pleased to welcome incumbent Pictou West and East MLAs back to the legislature with him as well.

“I’m really pleased that all three of us from Pictou County are back in,” he said Tuesday after receiving the news that he had recaptured Pictou Centre for the second term in a row. He added that in the weeks leading up to the election, he and the other Progressive Conservative candidates had a good feeling about their chances in the race.

“There was a lot of positive comments I heard on the doorstep,” he said. “I felt pretty confident that I was going to win.”

As he was campaigning this time around, Dunn added that being the opposition during the last term, it was a lot different discussing his views and having conversations with concerned voters about various issues.

With the way Nova Scotians voted this election, Dunn is hopeful that the PCs will be able to have a bit more power as the opposition.

“We will certainly be a much stronger opposition,” he said. He mentioned that with the extra leverage, the PC party will be hoping to have government change a few things that just haven’t been working out, along with a big push on health care and mental health.

Although maybe not as cheery as Dunn’s campaign headquarters, it was still an atmosphere of celebration at Summer Street where Jeff Davis, Pictou Centre Liberal candidate, and his team were watching the results.

With Dunn taking in 3,773 votes and Davis giving him a run with 2,027 votes, Davis was still in high spirits over his campaign and time on the campaign trail. He said he considered it an honour to be on the ballot with his two accomplished competitors and was wishing them the best.

“I’m actually feeling pretty positive about it,” said Davis. “I learned a lot about the community.”

The first-time candidate added that he learned a lot about himself on the campaign trail as well, along with some leadership skills and how to better delegate. His plans for now, as the election is over, are to take a well-earned rest for a few days and then see where he will go from there.

“I’m very open minded about the future,” Davis said, adding that as for politics “never say never” in response to if he will take a run at a political office again in the future.

“I’m only 32 so I’ve got a long career ahead of me, whether political or otherwise.”

Pictou Centre’s New Democratic Party candidate Henderson Paris was gathered with some of his campaign team listening to election results Tuesday in his campaign headquarters in New Glasgow. Paris, who garnered 1,396 votes in Pictou Centre, honestly admitted that he had mixed emotions when hearing the results, but he is prepared to continue.

Paris visited Dunn to congratulate him on his win.

“As far as myself and the party, I think we made an impact,” Paris said. He had nothing but accolades for the communities in Pictou Centre for the support and kindness he received during his time campaigning and going door to door as well as the help from his team and support from his family.

“I learned more about people wanting to better their community,” he said. “They want someone to listen to them.”

With the rush of the campaign over, Paris is ready to lace up his running shoes again and get back to hitting the pavement.

Incumbent MLA Pat Dunn, left, celebrated his win at his campaign office in New Glasgow along with Marcy McDonald, centre, and Spencer MacDonald, right, who both helped Dunn with his campaign. (Brimicombe photo)

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