School challenges impacted morale


To the Editor:

It’s interesting the difference the passage of a bit of time can make.

Just one year ago, we were basking in the glow of the 200th anniversary celebrations for Pictou Academy. Displays of red and white were prominent throughout the town and people were regularly coming up with new ideas to get people excited and involved with our school.

Enthusiasm has been drained this year, however, as the school system has been threatened. From weather closures to “Work to Rule” and mandated back to work legislation, so often the challenges seem outside our control.

Things are particularly disheartening when we witness a school board that seems disinterested in community concerns. It’s fair to say that all of this has a significant effect on the morale of the Town… but especially on that of the students and teachers.

Fortunately, we are used to this.

The story of Pictou is one of people with vision standing up and fighting to make positive change. We’ve been down this road before and what we’ve learned is that we know how to think up new solutions. No matter how difficult these current head winds are, we need to remember — it’s not what other people do for us or do to us — it’s how we choose to act for ourselves that will allow us to succeed.

We can do better.

Luke Young

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