Gardening for good

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The Pictou County Continuous Learning Association is growing with opportunities.

After getting their start with a smaller garden, the group has upgraded to a small greenhouse set up in its New Glasgow facility. Seeds were planted in January and now the vegetables have been sprouting up and will soon be ready to pick.

“It’s just learning for me,” said Thelma Steele, a student who has been one of the people in charge of the garden. Steele shared that before the greenhouse, she had never done any gardening but she is now becoming well versed in how to help the plants thrive.

“If I was walking by a senior’s place and they needed help, I can help them now,” she said. “I like helping people.”

One of the aspects of gardening that Steele enjoys is knowing where her food comes from and seeing it go from seed to a fully grown vegetable. Knowing what goes into her vegetables and ensuring that there are no chemicals used is also important to Steele.

“I had never been eating healthy before until I started cooking classes and gardening,” she said. She is very thankful for the garden and PiCCoLA for giving her the opportunity to learn these skills to help her and others who take the program lead a healthier life.

Marie MacDonald and Thelma Steele hold some of the vegetables they have been growing in the PiCCoLA garden. (Brimicombe photo)

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