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It was a day of discovery and learning for the Elders of Pictou Landing First Nation as they took a trip to the Pictou County Sports Heritage Hall of Fame in New Glasgow on Monday.

The group explored the museum to look at local Pictou County Sports stars and First Nations sports stars from Pictou Landing.

The trip marked the first outing to an educational destination for a new pilot program that is being organized by the seniors activity co-ordinator for the Pictou Landing Health Centre. Mary Elizabeth Denny co-ordinates trips, tours and activities for the group; they regularly go bowling and enjoy their time out. The project was created by Phillipa Pictou, director of the Health Centre.

“This is our first trip to a museum,” Denny said. “I’m very pleased that we’re here because there’s a lot of history involved.”

As they walked through the museum, many of the elders as well as Denny herself found people that they know or once knew who had been inducted for their achievements in different sports along with other county athletes.

“It’s an activity to go into town,” she said.

Seeing all of the First Nations athletes in the sports hall of fame is also something that makes her and some of the other that were visiting proud.

Denny noted that Sarah (Sadie) Francis joined the group on the trip to the museum. Francis is a Mi’kmaq language teacher and one of the eldest members in the community.

“For most of us, we were just in awe and just so pleased to see our own fellow native people inducted here,” Denny said.

Hall of Fame’s Barry Trenholm worked with Denny to set up the visit and was sure to have some displays and even a video about First Nations athletes ready for the group when they arrived. Denny is hoping that this trip will be the first of many to different locations in the county to help the elders get out, be active and see different things around Pictou County.

A group of elders from the Pictou Landing First Nation pour over binders of information and photos of First Nations athletes that have been honoured in the Pictou County Sports Heritage Hall of Fame. (Brimicombe photo)

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