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The weather was perfect Monday morning for some fun in the sun at Pictou Landing First Nations Elementary School.

The kids attending the school were treated to a morning of fun and exercise with one of the Grade 12 leadership classes from North Nova Education Centre.

The class joined the kids for the morning to play games and eventually have some lunch.

“It’s a lot of bonding with each other,” said Lacey Colombe, a teacher at the school. “It promotes leadership, too.”

Colombe said this is the third time this year a class from NNEC has gone to the school to either help the teachers out in the classrooms or play games with the kids.

“Every time, they’re always excited,” she said of the young students.

This time, the trip to the school was sparked when leadership student Cameron Smith was given $150 by the RBC Make 150 Count campaign. The project sees youth from around Canada receive $150 from RBC to do anything they want for their community.

After having visited the Pictou Landing school with her Canadian Literature class twice then once more with her leadership class previously, Smith wanted to take her class back to spend time with the kids and have a little fun.

The kids played dodge ball, catch the water balloon, parachute and tag with the Grade 12 students. When it was time for lunch, the high school students cooked up some hot dogs for the kids to enjoy, with all the food having been donated by Superstore.

“We all stayed after school Friday and made the cupcakes,” said Smith about the Canada flag shaped cupcakes they gave the kids after their lunch. Smith added that her class was immediately on board with the idea and Fred MacKenzie, her teacher, was very supportive in making it happen.

“I got a ton of support from the kids not in the class, too,” she said.

And as for the kids, their laughter and smiles spoke volumes about how they felt.

Kristen Mills-Deal, left, and Keirsten MacLennan, right, play balloon toss, careful not to let the balloon break during a games day the North Nova Education Centre students held for Pictou Landing First Nations students. (Brimicombe photo)

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