Stinking good lesson

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MOUNT WILLIAM — Some of the lessons learned last week by Grade 2 students across the county may have stunk a bit, quite literally, as the students took a trip to the Pictou County Solid Waste landfill to learn about recycling, garbage and composting.

The students, who said they had a blast, went on a short tour of the recycling and sorting facility as well as the composting area of the landfill. The students have been learning about the environment in their regular classes this year and the trip to the dump perfectly complimented a subject they are already very interested in.

“We have a green team at school,” said New Glasgow Academy teacher Amanda Bonvie. “We want them to be promoting it in the school.”

The kids have learned how to take care of the environment, talking about pollution in rivers and why you should not pollute as well as about habitats.

“They get really upset when they notice kids that litter on the playground,” she said. “They take pride in our school environment.”

After the tour finished, the students were taken to the office at the landfill site and taught about the life cycle of a pumpkin and each child got the opportunity to plant pumpkin seeds in a cup to take home and plant in the ground. After some hot dogs for lunch, it was back to the school for the day.

New Glasgow Academy students plant pumpkin seeds to take home and plant in their garden. (Brimicombe photo)

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