Town adds flags to crossings


WESTVILLE – Pedestrians now have a novel way to cross Main Street in Westville more safely.

Town council followed through on a plan it adopted at a recent council meeting to place red flags in flag containers at each end of designated crosswalks on Main Street.

Mayor Roger MacKay referred to a similar initiative in Halifax and said council agreed to try it on the town’s main thoroughfare.

“Every crosswalk on Main Street has the flags,” he said. “Pedestrians, as well as motorists, need to be award of the change.”

Crosswalks have been painted along Main Street near strategic points, such as banks and the post office.

How effective the program is will depend on how well walkers remember to pick up a flag, carry it across the street and place in the opposite container.

The flags are sized to be carried in one hand and cast ahead of the walkers to alert motorists. The crosswalks are generally placed in areas with relatively equal pedestrian traffic so that flags remain available at both ends.

There was also the hope mentioned that the new safety measure will encourage pedestrians to utilize the crosswalks and avoid jaywalking.

Westville Mayor Roger MacKay carries a flag as he crosses Main Street between town staff Allan Avery, left, and Ed Stewart on Friday. (Goodwin photo)

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