MacLennan savours Miles run


NEW GLASGOW — Dave MacLennan says he’s pleased with his running time, despite not winning the Johnny Miles Marathon on Sunday.

MacLennan led race winner Bryan Hipson by more than a minute before Hipson overtook him and won the race by less than 30 seconds in two hours, 52 minutes, 37 seconds. MacLennan’s time was 2:53:05. Both are based on gun times.

“I’m really happy with how I did today,” he said.

The runners were close to each other until the third lap of the marathon course when Hipson quickened the pace. MacLennan said he accepted the challenge and ended up passing him.

“I had a minute on him and then he had a minute on me,” MacLennan said. “I was dying at the end, but I’m so glad to finish in under three hours.”

MacLennan ran a 3:01 time at the 2017 Blue Nose Marathon on May 20 in Halifax.

Hipson explained how he needed to stop during the race to remove a stone that slipped into his running shoe and ended up under the ball of his foot. He had to take the shoe off completely to remove the stone.

He said he has huge respect for MacLennan and the course.

“You have to respect the course because that trail is hard,” he said. “Dave is so tough, and he has more experience than I do.”

Scott Langille fell to the ground and required some assistance to get onto a chair and rest after placing seventh in the marathon.

“I put everything into it,” he said. “My calf muscles are a bit sore.”

Mayor Nancy Dicks was among volunteers at the finish line.

“It’s always good to be helping out any way you can,” she said. “It’s great to see such an enthusiastic crowd downtown.”

There were 59 marathon finishers and the last one took nearly six and a half hours.

Other remarkable achievements were chronicled on Sunday.

Stephen Allen returned to running and finished the marathon in 3:50:24 in an effort to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Donald Rasmussen of Antigonish won the half marathon, while Matt Fraser was rewarded for the training and weight reduction regimen he has undergone by placing third.

Kevin Tulloch of New Glasgow was eighth, Darrell Spears of New Glasgow was 10th and Joe Pound of Westville was 11th.

Septuagenarian Vernon MacIntosh of Hopewell finished in 2:09:05 while recovering from four broken rips he sustained while training earlier this year. He slipped on black ice under the rail overpass on the Elgin Road in Hopewell. He still hopes to run a qualifying marathon time for Boston.

“I didn’t think I could do it,” he said. “At my age you get hurt so easily, but it felt good to take part again.”

Bill MacEachern of Lorne recovered sufficiently from health challenges to complete the 10-K Classic.

Besides the 59 marathon finishers, 200 people completed the half marathon. Henderson Paris was the 200th runner to finish, while Trevor Redmond was 198th and Crystal Paris was 199th. There were 405 finishers in the 10-K run and 600 in the 5-K fun run.

In contrast to the humid day on Sunday, the rain began falling near noon during the cool day on Saturday for the annual Johnny Walk and the kids races.

Dave MacLennan, left, and Bryan Hipson chat about their marathon runs at the finish line. (Goodwin photo)

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