REJUVENATION for Green Hill group

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Who doesn’t have a fond memory that involves spending time at the Green Hill Provincial Park?

Can you recall enjoying a summer picnic there as a child? Perhaps on a romantic date, parked atop the summit overlooking the west area of Pictou County? Maybe it was on a nature hike with a group of friends? Or, perhaps it was dancing the night away at the dance pavilion that was popular there many years ago.

A group of dedicated individuals has been quietly working behind the scenes for the past three years with the Department of Natural Resources to return Green Hill park to the glory of its heyday, primarily from an environmental perspective. And just last week, “Friends of Green Hill” was finally established as a society.

Society director John McLean said the group’s first order of activity is to plant a maple tree for Canada 150. This momentous event will take place at approximately 9 a.m. on Canada Day and the tree will be planted in the vicinity of where the fire tower used to be.

“We want to get the park looking proper or accommodating to folks who want to come in and do whatever they want to do, have picnics or whatever.”

McLean mentioned having a conversation with a local elementary school teacher who was looking forward to being able to bring her younger students to the park for a picnic and social time.

“It’ll be great to get that kind of thing happening,” McLean said. “The more activity the better.”

Collectively, Friends of Green Hill Society members put their heads together to plan something for Canada Day for the park and came up with the idea for the red maple.

“Warden Robert Parker had some funds committed for Canada Day activity and he gave us the funding to buy the tree. He was very supportive. We also received some additional funding from the Municipality for some of the initial activity we want to get under way, but we haven’t decided yet what’s that’s going to be.”

Members will be meeting after the tree is planted to plan their next infrastructure or physical step as to what they want to do.

The Society has an ambitious 10-year plan to rejuvenate the park and is looking for help from anyone who has a memory of it.

“Everybody has a vision of what they want to see here and we’re trying to pull that all together from a community perspective, to make it work for the community.”

They need time, fundraising suggestions and assistance in carrying out the events, labour, financial contributions from individuals or businesses, and any help that can be given.

Fern MacDonald and John McLean stand at the Green Hill summit, excited about the rejuvenation of the park. (Jardine photo)

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