Community support for race helps youth


To the Editor:

We’re so thrilled that summer is finally here and for us, that means it’s time for our second Annual Routes to Riches Race. As you’ve supported us in the past, we just wanted to make sure you were aware of this fun family-oriented event, taking place on July 15, 2017.

What is it? If you’ve ever seen the popular TV show, The Amazing Race, you’ll get the picture. It’s like a Pictou County version of the Amazing Race. Teams in cars follow clues to unique mystery destinations throughout Pictou County. At each stop, there is a task to be completed. Do this successfully and you get a green stamp in your Race Passport. Fail, and you get a red stamp and a time penalty, but you can still continue the race to the end. This year, destinations have been chosen because they specifically fit the theme we’ve chosen for Canada’s 150th anniversary “The Story of Us.”

Who does it? Last year we had 24 teams with participants ranging in age from 0 to 82. A team can be as many people as there are seatbelts in your vehicle. We had families, groups of friends, as well as some companies which also used this as a unique team building idea.

What does it cost? Teams fundraise through pledges to be part of this, but each team has to come up with a minimum of $100 to be part of the race. We hope though that as you are familiar with the great work we do to support homeless youth in our community, that you’ll be able to raise as much support as possible.

What do I get? The grand prize is $500, and second prize is $250. The first 100 participants get a free sleeveless T-shirt from My Home Apparel branded specifically for our race, and they’re going like hotcakes. But more than that, it’s a great day spent exploring our beautiful part of the world and our heritage. Plus, it’s a LOT of fun! Feedback from last years’ race was overwhelmingly positive. So why not get some folks together and give it a go?

How? Everything you need to know is at www.pictoucountyrootsforyouth.com. Or you can call us at (902) 695-3241.

What if I can’t? No problem. We still need people to help us spread the word. Here are some suggestions:

1. Share any of our Facebook posts on your personal page promoting the race at from our FB page at www.facebook.com/pcrootsforyouth/

2. Put up a poster at your place of work, church, garden club, etc.

3. Sponsor someone who is part of the race.

With your support, we’ve been able to help 30 local youth end their homelessness over the past 24 months. Thanks for being part of our story.

Stacey Dlamini
Program Director
PC Roots for Youth

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