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Bar stars and music fans have a new album to add to their collection.

Due East, Pictou County features 11 different groups and artists and the CD itself is a collaboration between The Commune in New Glasgow and Shoebox Studios in Black Point.

“There’s a lot of talent in Pictou County,” The Commune’s Derrick Pierre said of the project’s motivation. “All of them have played here, at least a couple times.”

The main criteria to be invited into the project was that the groups had to be local, actively playing, and have an original to record. The benefits, however, were multi-fold as Shoebox’s Ian Kamp (who also features on the CD) explained.

“Everyone on the CD has a chance to market and sell the CD, but more importantly,” Kamp said, “for everybody who’s on the CD, people can listen to the CD and might not have heard them before maybe they might go out and check out a show. Everybody gets to piggyback on each other’s audience and the CD’s audience to get people aware.”

Other artists featured are ScotiAL Scene, StoneHouse (with bassist Pat Walsh also making a solo appearance), Steve Auld, The Leah & Kyle Collective, Niki Veniot, Layne Greene, Adam MakBain, Kitchen Criminals, and Hot Mess.

Kamp and Pierre split the recording costs, leaving the musicians free to record at no cost and the two said that the artists will also still own their track and can use the material in later projects.

Kamp said that each artist had a minimum of three hours recording time booked, however some were in and out within an hour while others ended up with six hour sessions.

“We recorded everything in about a three-week period in May,” Kamp said. “A lot of them were strictly live off the floor with a couple of tracks added on after.”

The album’s artwork was also kept local and features a number of Pictou County landscapes along with their geographical coordinates. Jake Chisholm was the “curator” for the artwork, which was sourced — with permission — from Instagram users. Darin Bendickson oversaw the actual layout and design.

The album officially dropped on Canada Day with it landing in Sobeys Pictou, Westside, Aberdeen, and Stellarton soon after. It is also available through the Commune, Pier 15, Shoebox Studios, and the featured musicians.

One dollar from every sale will be donated to Pictou County Roots for Youth.


Shoebox Studio’s Ian Kamp with The Commune’s Derrick Pierre. The two businesses partnered to create a compilation album of local artists and original music. (Cameron photo)

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