Many fond memories of Green Hill park


To the Editor:

I was sent your article re the Green Hill Rejuvenation Group and their interest in finding out additional information re Green Hill’s past.

My name is Isabel Thompson (nee Grant) and I am a native of New Glasgow but moved to Ottawa with my parents in 1960. My grandparents were Clifford and Bertha Rose who were the founders of the Lookoff as we quite often called Green Hill. I have a brother and a sister. The three of us have many fond and fun memories of Green Hill. We spent much of our childhood there during the summer.

Whenever my husband and I visit New Glasgow, we always take a drive to Green Hill and find it very sad to see it now compared to the busy, bustling place it used to be. There is just something that attracts me to want to see it.

My memories are of the museum (full of so many memorable items), “Crazy House” which had so many fun things inside it. The admission for them was all 10 cents per person! The Dance Pavilion where dances were held regularly with such entertainers as Hank Snow and Don Messer. The pond was on the left side driving to the Lookoff where we used to skate in the winter. The tower (my grandmother used to tell the tourists that they would be able to see the potatoes bugs on the potatoes in PEI from the top of the tower!) Lots of memories!

Our grandfather also built a three-bedroom fully equipped home on the property where they would live during the summer. My grandfather also had a bear (for a short time) which he kept in a big enclosure behind bars!

I believe it was in 1960 that my grandparents sold the property and buildings to the Nova Scotia government.

If the Rejuvenation for Green Hill group is interested in contacting us for Green Hill Lookoff history, I am quite sure we can fill in some blanks!

Isabel Thompson
Richmond, Ottawa

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