Women play in softball league


STELLARTON — Women of all ages continue to flock to a local league of their own.

They are members of an ongoing summer league called the Leo Fahey Twilight Ladies Softball League that is played at least once a week, usually at the Albion Athletic Field.

The league only recently began its 2017 season.

“About 50 of them are coming out this year, and that’s up a bit from last year,” said Gus Fahey, who does most of the coaching now in place of his father Leo, due to his advanced years and reduced mobility.

“We try to mix up the teams so everyone has a chance to compete,” he said. “They’re a really cohesive bunch, a cross between competitive and recreation ball. It’s a good mix.

The players’ ages and skill sets vary. Heidi MacDonald is an accomplished middle distance runner, while Raylene MacPherson rides horses. Both are in their 20s.

Some players are getting back into softball, a game they once enjoyed before work and raising families competed for their time.

“I started last year,” Stephanie Heighton said. “I haven’t played since I was 15. I really like it. It’s fun. I try to play every game.”

Some of them have not ever played softball, or any sport.

“I’m trying,” said Sarah Colborne, who was kept busy with hitting instructions between her turns at bat or in the field. “I’m just not used to exercise, but I want to keep at it.”

Stephanie Heighton takes a swing during an at-bat in the Leo Fahey Twilight Ladie’s Softball League game. (Goodwin photo)

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