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PICTOU — It’s going to be a busy summer and fall for the Hector Heritage Quay with the information centre expecting 33 tour buses on top of its regular traffic.

During this busy year Brian Kellock, who co-ordinates volunteers, is concerned about the numbers for the upcoming season.

“We’re in desperate need,” he said, adding that they mostly need volunteers for the last few weeks of September and in October as the summer students that will be around in the summer will be gone back to school by then.

“The big thing we need for volunteers is to give tours and answer questions,” he said. As far as training goes, Kellock said training sessions are fairly short and many guides have a paper with answers to frequently asked questions with them during the tour.

They have managed to find a carpenter to come in on a volunteer basis and are hoping to find a blacksmith, as they have both a carpentry and blacksmithing workshop on the site that they are hoping to have up and running for the season when volunteers are available.

“It’s really the tour thing that we’re running into,” he said.

Kellock is hoping to keep the volunteer commitment to three hours a week. Currently, they have 14 volunteers but they would prefer to have that number sit at a comfortable 20 so not too much is asked of the volunteers.

“If we can’t keep up we’d have to shut down,” he said.

The stern of the iconic Pictou County ship was recently refurbished with a new coat of paint. (Brimicombe photo)

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