Congratulations to NSCC class of 2017


To the Editor:

It takes a community.

After 18 convocations — in communities from Cumberland to Yarmouth to Sydney — I have had the honour of congratulating our 2017 graduates as they complete one chapter and enter another.

This year, more than 4,500 individuals, each with their own story to tell, are now able to call themselves graduates. As they walked across the stage, I was witness to so many different emotions. There were tears and cheers from their family, friends, and mentors. From the graduates I heard comments like “I did it” and “This is my dream” or “NSCC gave me a second chance” as well as “I couldn’t have done it without you” and “I’m ready.”

Davis Gosse, one of our valedictorians said, “Education is about taking risks, it is growth, it is inspiring others, it is inspiring ourselves, it is discovering new things, but most of all — it is opportunity.”

Such sage advice. I encourage all of our graduates to continue seizing this opportunity through continued learning, and to expect the unexpected and pay forward the kindnesses and support they’ve received along their journey.

At the college, we have seen the potential within each of our students, now graduates. I know that our communities, our province and areas beyond will soon also have the chance to welcome their fresh ideas, enthusiasm, individual talents, and abilities as they venture forward.

Congratulations to our Class of 2017. We are so proud.

Don Bureaux, President

Nova Scotia Community College

Institute of Technology Campus

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