Racers get lost in fun of event

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“I once was lost but now am found …”

Janine Linthorne can laugh at the lyrics from the hymn Amazing Grace now, but she was in a bit of a panic mode when she and her team from Routes to Riches Race got lost a couple of weeks ago.

“If you ask my daughter she says, ‘Mom got lost on a mountain and found the cows!’” she laughs.

Linthorne and friends Donna Little and Vicki Moore formed team The Fast and the Curious to participate in the second annual Great Pictou County Routes to Riches race held July 15. The event was a fundraiser for the Pictou County Roots for Youth Society.

“We did get lost,” Linthorne admits. “But we were found and we had a blast!”

She and her teammates were completing their last race clue when their trouble started.

“We went to Fitzpatrick Mountain. We stopped at the lodge to check in and they gave us a map that said to look for ‘Dad’s old log cabin.’ We got on a trail and started to look for the next clue. We walked and we walked and we walked, over a creek and through a field and along a four-wheeler trail. We knew we had taken a wrong turn,” she laughs.

Eventually, one of her teammates used her cellphone to call her husband. Linthorne said he grew up in that area and, after his wife described her surroundings, he knew exactly where they were and he came to their rescue.

“We were the last team to finish,” Linthorne chuckles.

All in all, it took the team of three almost eight hours to complete the race.

“When we were driving back to New Glasgow Vicki said, ‘What happened when a blonde, brunette and red head go into the woods!’” Linthorne laughs. “And Donna said she couldn’t believe we scaled down the mountain, crossed through the bush, over the creek and then over the electric fence.”

But they’d do it all over again. “Absolutely!”

Linthorne praised, “It was fun. It was incredibly well run and well organized, the clues were really well done and I learned a lot about Pictou County that I didn’t know before.”

It was her first time participating in the event. “We all had different strengths,” she says of her teammates. “They kept me calm,” when the team faltered.

“We were excited to help raise funds for Roots for Youth.”

In terms of offering up tips for competitors next year, Linthorne has just one piece of advice: “Have fun!”

She will certainly be in the race next year. “But I won’t get lost,” she promises.

Janine Linthorne with teammates Donna Little and Vicki Moore as The Fast and the Curious participated in the second annual Great Pictou County Routes to Riches race.

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