Cornwallis statue a red herring


To the Editor:

Why, after all these years, is the statue of Cornwallis evil and must be taken down?

I believe it has nothing to do with our past, but everything to do with our future.

The ruling elite learned long ago when the wealth gap becomes too great between the rich and the poor the peasants will rise up. With CEOs of large companies giving themselves millions of dollars in bonuses while their companies go bankrupt and at the same time steal the severances and pensions from their employees and adding to this stagnant wages and ever-rising cost of living, the peasants are starting to awaken and sharpen up their pitch forks.

So in order to carry their age-old plan off (divide and rule), they will do anything to obtain that goal. This includes black against white, native against non-native, Jew against Gentile — anything to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

There always seems to be a band of brain dead social justice worriers and spineless politicians to help them carry out their narrative.

United we stand. Divided we fall.

Andrew Fraser
Pictou Landing

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