Local Chokes by Ocean winners


PICTOU — Several local athletes went home winners on Saturday after the 2017 Chokes by the Ocean martial arts tournament at the deCoste Performing Arts Centre.

Jaret MacIntosh, one of the members of the Pictou County Titans, who competed through the day, defeated his opponent Ezra Lenon in one of the five jiu-jitsu bouts on the main card.

“It feels great,” MacIntosh said. “I put the time in. I trained really hard. It was fantastic to get rewarded.”

MacIntosh praised organizers of the event, which attracted more than 300 people to the evening program.

“It was an excellent show,” he said. “It’s always great to get a crowd like this. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Brady MacDonald was in one of the seven scheduled bouts on the undercard and defeated Taylor McCafferty to claim his victory.

“I felt really good,” he said. He expressed his appreciation for the support he’s received from MacIntosh and several other Titans club mates. “It’s all about the training.”

Matt Rehill was among those who won bouts during the daytime program that took place at the centre. He said he was pleased with the outcome of his two bouts.

“It was great,” he said. “I got the job done quickly in the first bout, about 45 seconds, so I had lots of energy for the second fight and I took him out quickly as well.”

Rehill has been a jiu-jitsu athlete for nearly three years and enjoys it. He was a competitive boxer while living in Halifax and earned a Maritime amateur heavyweight title.

“I just love the competitive nature of it,” he said. “It keeps you in shape.”

All three athletes have performed well in other sports before deciding to try jiu-jitsu.

Many of the local athletes train at the facility MacIntosh has at his home in Mount William.

Brady MacDonald, left, and Jaret MacIntosh celebrate after winning their bouts on Saturday at the deCoste Performing Arts Centre during the 2017 Chokes by the Ocean tournament.(Goodwin photo)

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