In the Spirit: Reflections on Everyday Grace by Monica Graham

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In the Spirit: Reflections on Everyday Grace by Monica Graham

Wow! As someone who has questioned and struggled with the idea of organized religion I was eager to read through the pages of River John’s own Monica Graham’s essays. Not familiar with her time as a religious columnist I was pleasantly surprised at the well written and insightful viewpoints expressed in her newest book.

Complete with numerous “Aha!” and “that’s an interesting perspective” moments, I feel I learned as much about myself as I did about the author. In the Spirit is not specific to one religious group but speaks to spirituality in general, making it an interesting read no matter what you believe.

Though Graham admits to being raised a Christian, her expressions and beliefs are non-judgmental nor are they, as she admits, expert. She compares her writings to that of a “bokeh” in photography, or the picture that is out of focus but still a brilliant capture.

Broken into six parts, each as equal as the last and next, this collection is timeless and, dare I say, essential reading for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the spiritual world of themselves as individuals and the world as a whole.

Graham’s ability to touch on topics as close to home as the Westray Mine Disaster and as far away as Colonel Chris Hadfield’s adventure in space, she brings it to heart and shines light where we questioned the presence of it before.

A well-deserved 10 out of 10 hearts is what I’d offer this book for all that if offered me.

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