Mackie wins drag racing award

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NEW GLASGOW — Faber Mackie was still smiling from his recent drag racing achievement.

Mackie, who has raced for more than 40 years, captured the 2017 Super Street championship during the Northeast Division National Open race program on July 29 in Miramichi, N.B.

With it goes a Wally trophy presented in memory of Wally Parks, who founded the National Hot Rod Association in 1951 and chaired the Wally Parks NHRA Motor Sports Museum until his death at the age of 94 in 2007.

The trophy is chiefly medal in the form of a statue of a man and a car tire on a walnut base and weighs about five kilograms.

“I was living in California in the 1960s when Wally Parks was getting kids off the streets with their cars and onto drag strips,” he said. “I saw one of those trophies handed out one time and I never thought I’d get my hands on it.”

Mackie drove a 1979 green Chevy Malibu that he’s owned twice and keeps in repair at his home in New Glasgow. It’s a monster, with a LS7 454 cubic-inch engine and a 12.5-to-1 compression ratio.

He was among 32 entries in his division and kept advancing to the round of 16, then eight competitors in the quarter-final and then four in the semifinal before winning with a perfect mark, although his opponent was disqualified for leaving the starting line too early.

The prescribed quarter-mile time for Mackie’s division is 10.90 seconds, which means he cannot drive faster or slower than that time.

“You have to hit as close as you can to that time, and my opponent red-lighted,” he said. “It will go 10 seconds but I have a (restriction) plate on the carburetor to keep it a 10.90. I do about 122 miles per hour at that rate. I could go about 135 mph at 10 seconds flat.

Mackie bought the car in 2006 in New Hampshire and has owned it twice.

“It’s been a race car since 1980,” he said. “I sold it in 2010 and bought it back last year. It had been raced only three times. I completely redid the whole car in my garage. I spend my days and a lot of evenings in there.”

Mackie said he had to be careful, especially with rebuilding the engine, not to miss a step in the rebuild.

“People would drop by and you’d have to remember where you left off.”

Faber Mackie leans on his Chevy Malibu beside the Wally trophy he earned for winning the Super Street championship at Miramichi Dragway. (Goodwin photo)

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