Cruise ship committee overlooking places on North Shore


To the Editor:

It’s good news about the increasing numbers of cruise ships visiting the port of Pictou, and I’m sure local businesses are happy to hear it.

But it seems the Pictou Cruise Committee are overlooking some local places of interest that I think cruisers would love to visit — namely in a westerly direction along the North Shore of Pictou County.

We have at least four places that, if I were a cruiser, I would love to visit on a shore trip in this direction, which would satisfy all family members — Moms, Dads and kids. They are Seafoam Lavender Farm, Caldera Distillery, Mabel Murple’s Book Shoppe and Dreamery, and Lismore Sheep Farm and Wool Shop — all of which are within a half-hour bus ride from the port.

Some of these passengers may possibly be on their second visit to Pictou, and would like to see other attractions apart from the Museum of Industry and New Glasgow Market, interesting as they may be.

There are also some beautiful beaches in the River John/Cape John area that visitors may like to visit, time permitting. We are, after all, still in Pictou County and are very happy to welcome all visitors.

Margaret Jones

River John

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