County teen going for the crown

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Mckenna Battist took part in this year’s Lobster Carnival for a bit of fun.

What started as a fun time has now evolved into a new opportunity for the Pictou native. After being crowned Miss Volunteer and Miss Fitness in the Queen of the Sea pageant, Battist was approached and asked if she would like to take part in Miss Teenage Atlantic Canada.

“The first thing that ran through my head was a big question mark,” laughed Battist when she recalled being approached with the opportunity. “I didn’t think a small town thing (like the local pageant) could take me somewhere like that.”

During the Atlantic Canadian pageant, Battist will get the chance to take part in workshops, practice interviews, walking and speaking to the judges.

Battist is looking forward to the opportunity but admits that she is a bit nervous to take part in the larger pageant, which can lead to Miss Teenage Canada.

“It’s a really big opportunity,” she said. Battist is excited to meet the other girls who are participating in the pageant. The 16-year-old shared that some of her hobbies include riding and training her horse, painting, hunting and playing varsity rugby at Northumberland Regional High School.

“It’s really just all for fun, just the experience itself. You learn so much from other people and teach other people,” she said.

“You don’t have to come from the city and be in the pageant circuit since you were five; you can be a small town girl in jeans and a flannel,” said Amanda Battist, Mckenna’s mother.

The Miss Teenage Atlantic Canada competition is open to females ages 12-17. It takes place October 5-8 in Moncton, NB.

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