Hockey camp draws praise


A five-day hockey camp featuring the skating coach for Pittsburgh Penguins stars Sidney Crosby and Evgeny Malkin is slated to end today at the Pictou County Wellness Centre.

Local minor hockey coach Duane Cleary hosted the no-profit camp in partnership with the Pictou County Minor Hockey Association that featured Maxim Ivanov and his IHPRO staff.

Cleary said he was impressed with the speed and intensity of the drills Ivanov directed that included sharp turns forward and backward in tight circles and hard, rink-long stops and starts.

“Thus far the camp has been an amazing development opportunity for the kids,” Cleary said. “Max Ivanov and his IHPRO team are very professional and engaging with the kids and not only are they responding well to them, they are learning. Every parent I have spoken with is so surprised at how quickly the kids are improving.”

The skills sessions formed part of the camp’s goals regarding on-ice training that pertained to speed conservation and balance of power, explosive skating and employing power skating with resistance and power skating in hockey.

“The morning session is completely about power skating and the afternoon is about improving skills, and anyone who spent a few minutes watching can tell that these guys absolutely know what they are doing,” Cleary said.

Much of this was done without puck-handling before training on working with stick and puck, as well as improving and analyzing shooting technique.

Dryland included work on the correct use of push positions, as well as from low body positions and working on correcting starting step technique.

Max Ivanov demonstrates a skating turn during the hockey camp at the Pictou County Wellness Centre. (Goodwin photo)

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