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They may be small but Jeana’s Girls are doing huge things in Pictou County and beyond for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

The group of teenagers have multiple fundraising projects on the go this fall as a part of the Heroes Challenge as well as the National Sears Kids Ride for Cancer. The ride is one of the biggest and most ambitious charity cycling events on behalf of childhood cancer in the world. Now in it’s 10th year, the 2017 event will begin in Vancouver today (September 6) and complete in Halifax on September 23.

Some of the girls will be waiting at the Pictou County Wellness Centre on the morning of September 22 at 8 a.m. to welcome the cyclists to the county.

“I think we’re going to go and just cheer them on,” said Nina Davey, one of Jeana’s Girls. “I’m excited to hopefully see Jeana’s doctor.” Davey and Dr. Bruce Crook, who had treated her friend Jeana, have never met but Davey is hoping she will get the chance now. She added that one of the last photos taken of Jeana was with Dr. Crook when he was in the ride.

Jeana’s Girls is comprised of an industrious group of friends of Jeana English, who work tirelessly to raise money in support of their friend who passed away with cancer.

Rachael VanVeen is also looking forward to the ride because her cousin, Michelle Donais, will be involved in it as well.

The girls won’t be able to stay at the Wellness Centre for long, however, as they will have to take off to Halifax to be a part of the Heroes Challenge.

“It’s kind of like a fun day with tasks and stuff at the Discovery Centre,” said Davey. At press time, Jeana’s Girls were in third place for fundraising amongst a number of corporate teams.

“We’re trying to fundraise $10,000 to grant someone’s wish,” said Georgia Murray, who is also on the team. Because Jeana English was a Wish Kid, as well as doing fundraising for the organization the girls wanted to continue in her memory.

“We were always planning on raising money for Children’s Wish but just raising and donating it,” Davey said. After her mom found the Heroes Challenge they decided to sign up and use it as a way to fundraise for the organization.

“If we reach our goal we get to give our wish to our child,” Davey said.

The girls are hoping they will be able to raise the money in time because they would like to be able to present the wish to their Wish child. Although, after the event they will still be taking donations that will go toward the ‘wish’ with the difference being they will not get to present it to the Wish kid.

Davey added that this is the first time they have participated in this sort of event.

On top of showing off their fundraising skills, Jeana’s Girls are getting ready to show off their artistic talents with a fundraiser they will be holding at the Pictou-North Colchester Exhibition in Pictou. Their ‘Chair’-ity fundraiser will be bringing in money to go toward the Heroes Challenge as well.

“Chair-ity, it’s a pun, so we’re painting chairs,” said Davey. “Some of them are painted by us and some of them are painted by Pictou artists.”

Davey said she came across the idea when her love of puns brought her to a list of ‘punny’ fundraising ideas. When she told her mom about the chair-ity auction, they were able to round up several small children’s chairs to be painted and auctioned off.

Some of the girls will decorate the chairs and Davey is hoping the whole team can come together to paint a desk that Jeana’s grandparents donated. She added that when donating the desk, they said that when she was smaller, Jeana used to use the old school-type desk.

The dynamos aren’t stopping there though: the teenagers also have a Norwex Bingo coming up. With a similar marketing idea as Tupperware, Norwex sells cleaning supplies. The girls will be hosting their Norwex Bingo September 17 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m., costing $10 for all six games that will take place. There will also be other activities going on at the same time as well. It will be held at Pictou United Church Hall.

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