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After clothes, shoes, a fresh hair cut, lunch food and everything else school supplies can end up costing more than some people have. Luckily, in the true Pictou County spirit, there are a few organizations and individuals collecting school supplies for those who might need a little help in that department.

Megan Hartling is in her fourth year of collecting school supplies to donate to local Pictou County schools for students in need.

“I just figured I could help them out,” she said.

In the years since she started collecting supplies, Hartling said the number of items she is given by other people for her collection has grown, helping her to be able to donate more to the schools each year.

Hartling added that this year is the first time she has had businesses donate to help her gather supplies. The Kinette Club of New Glasgow and Wear Well Garments in Stellarton have donated to the cause so far; The Pictou County Chamber of Commerce and Cakes and Things have also stepped up as drop off points for supplies.

Hartling said her favourite part of collecting supplies each year is being able to stop in to the schools on the first day and hand the principal and teachers a big bag of supplies. Each year, she sends supplies to one elementary school and one high school, rotating school throughout the county each year.

“Personally I just want to help the kids; school is hard enough,” she said. “I don’t want them to be classified as low income.”

For anyone looking to send supplies to Hartling you can drop them off at Cakes and Things in New Glasgow, The Pictou County Chamber of Commerce or email Hartling at any time before tonight.

Along with Hartling, there are a couple other organizations collecting supplies as well. Roots for Youth has begun collecting supplies this year to aid some of the youth they help who will be attending college this year.

“It’s the first year we’ve put the call out,” said Stacey Dlamini, executive director of Roots house. They have put out a Facebook post so far requesting supplies from anyone willing to donate. She added that those looking to donate can call the house or stop by.

“Our youth are older so it’s college-type materials, even second-hand book bags are very useful for us here,” she said. “We’re really excited when young people who have been homeless make it into NSCC so we want to help however we can.”

Staples is also heading their annual school supply drive, partnered with Schools Plus.

“Any money that we raise in New Glasgow stays in Pictou County,” said Dana Landry, general manager for the New Glasgow location.

Along with all the school supplies they are donating, Staples has also donated two Chrome Books that schools can lend out to children that may need a way to access the technology that is now used in schools. To donate to the Staples supply drive, you can bring in products you already have, purchase something at their store to donate or make a cash donation in store.

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