Petition for ferry in 1911

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The fertile land on Pictou Island made for excellent pastures which produced fine beef, pork and mutton products during the 1900s. Many islanders grew far more garden produce then their family could use.

Lack of transportation to the mainland made it almost impossible for them to benefit from their labour which resulted in much of their garden products going to waste. The summer of 1910 saw bountiful produce which made many Pictou Islanders realize that a ferry service would greatly benefit them. The following is the exact petition that was make known on March 20, 1911.

To Honorable R. M. McGregor,

R. H. Graham, K. C.

Members of Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia.

We the undersigned residents of Pictou Island, in the County of Pictou, respectively present to you our petition for a regular ferry service between Pictou Island and the town of Pictou.

The land on Pictou Island is suitable for farming and produces excellent crops and with suitable ferry services that would carry farm produce to the mainland the present production would be largely increased with corresponding benefit to the residents of the island and the country at large.

Yore petitioners would therefore request that the needs for a ferry service be looked into by some competent authority and immediate action be taken to establish such a service as the justice of the situation and the requirements of the people would urgently demand.

Dated at Pictou Island, March 20th 1911

John Rankine

Angus H. McDonald

John A. McDonald

Lauchy McDonald

Robert McFarlane

L. D. McCallum

Duncan McCallum

John W. McDonald

Hector McCallum

Rod McKenzie

Andrew McFarlane

John C. McDonald

John McLean

Mrs. Mary Rankin

Mrs. Angus H. McDonald

Mrs. L. D. McCallum

Mrs. Andrew McFarlane

Mary McFarlane

Mrs. Hector McCallum

Mrs. Duncan Rankin

Mrs. John C. McDonald

Mrs. John W. McDonald

Miss Mary I. McLean

Mrs. Rob McFarlane

Mrs. J. W. McCallum

Mrs. Duncan Rankine

Ward McCallum

Torquil McLean

Chas. McIvor

Chas. McCallum

Campbell McCallum

Eddie Glover

Elias Turple

Lauchin Rankine

Victor McCallum

John M. McLean

Duncan McDonald

Alex McDonald

Chas D. Patterson

William McMillan

Hugh Rankine

Mrs. Torquil McLean

Mrs. Chas. McIvor

Miss Christy McCallum

Mrs. Chas McCallum

Mrs. Campbell McCallum

Mrs. Eddie Glover

Mrs. Elias Turple

Mrs. Christy McDonald

Jennie Patterson

Mrs. John M. McLean

Mrs. Duncan Rankin

Mrs. Chas D. Patterson

Mrs. William MacMillan

Mrs. Hughie McLean

This attached photo shows and identifies some Pictou Island workers at John Dan’s Lobster Factory 1910. First row, second from left is Campbell McCallum, fifth from left is Jessi Hill MacDonald. Second row fourth from left is Nancy McCallum, fifth is Clare McCallum, sixth is Annie Jane McCallum. Third row first from left is Lester Hooper, seventh is Eddie Glover.

Many thanks to Crofters’ Restaurant in New Glasgow for Picture and names.

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