Wellness Centre Building Authority serves notice to Nustadia Recreation Inc.

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WESTVILLE ROAD — Nustadia will not be returning to operate the Pictou County Wellness Centre.

The Board of Directors of the Pictou County Wellness Centre Building Authority Inc. announced by press release on Saturday that they have given notice to not renew the facility Management and Operating Agreement with Nustadia Recreation Inc. effective March 31, 2018.

It said this decision was taken following discussions with the board’s Facilities Management Review Team, a detailed assessment of past operating and financial performance of the facility as well as the current facility operating issues and opportunities.

Trenton Mayor Shannon MacInnis, who chairs the board said, “This is just another important step required to optimize the delivery of mandated services in the most efficient and effective manner possible and to further reduce the amount of the financial support required of the participating Pictou County municipalities. Our focus will be to provide the best possible service to our citizens at reduced cost to our county’s taxpayers.”

The Building Authority Board is grateful to Nustadia for their contribution to the initial commissioning and development of the PCWC, however, the board is confident that “the experience and operating expertise present within the Facility Management Review Team will enable it to design and implement a new organizational structure and leadership team capable of meeting the facility and community needs going forward.”

The press release noted, “The board looks forward to identifying opportunities to achieve further improvements to the operation” of the centre in both its financial performance as well as in the provision of the region’s health, recreational and sporting services, consistent with its regional Pictou County mandate.

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