Canada: It’s Complicated bringing comedy to deCoste stage

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It’s no secret Canada is going all out for it’s 150th anniversary this year. To help celebrate, comedian Mary Walsh (of 22 Minutes and CODCO) is showing off her brand of Canadian comedy with “Canada, it’s complicated.”

“The show is kind of a classical satirical sketch comedy review,” said Jamie Pitts, one of the cast members. She added that those who score tickets to this event will be sure to be laughing all night long.

The show reflects around not only bits of Canadian history but the story of how Canada came to be, possibly even more truthful than some might think, she added.

“It’s really fun, really fast paced,” she said.

For Pitts, who earns her living doing shows like this as an artist, she said it’s really nice when shows like this one come along and the cast can really share in the artistic vision of the show.

“It’s political theatre,” she said. As someone whose family were settlers, Pitts says she acknowledges her privilege and adds that sometimes art has the most power to change views or open people’s eyes on some subjects.

“It’s also dealing with things that are sometimes overwhelming to talk about,” she said.

Pitts also said that she enjoys the amount of improv that happens due to playing a different venue each night.

“The show does kind of hit you in the face,” she laughed.

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