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It was a big day for Cat Rescue Maritimes (Ca-R-Ma) as they hosted the SPCA NS mobile unit in Pictou County.

With the help of the mobile unit, Ca-R-Ma was able to help spay and neuter more than 30 cats to help reduce the feral cat population in Pictou County.

“There is a huge problem in Pictou County,” said Helen Baudoux-McLaughlin of Ca-R-Ma. The Pictou County chapter of the organization has been working in Pictou County to humanely reduce the cat population since 2011. Recently, the group was able to have the SPCA mobile unit that performs surgery on the animals wherever they go.

“Since April, this is our third time with the mobile unit,” Baudoux-McLaughlin said. Usually, the volunteer organization has to pay to have the mobile unit visit, however, for this visit they received a grant to bring it to the county. Cats collected for the visit came from all over the county and were separated by the colonies they live in and returned to them once they recovered.

With approximately 15 volunteers, some of those from Ca-R-Ma were out late the night before and the morning of trying to trap the last of some of the colonies.

“To be a volunteer with us you don’t have to be a physical person, there’s something for everyone to do,” Baudoux-McLaughlin said.

In the past six years, Baudoux-McLaughlin said they have slowly started to see the difference they have been making in the county with the reduction of calls they receive in certain areas.

Jennifer Nolan, left, and Nicole Krane administers a sedative to a feral cat to prep it for surgery. (Brimicombe photo)

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