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The United Way of Pictou County pulled in $1,200 Saturday morning.

Taking place at the Pictou County Wellness Centre, the unique United Way fundraiser Pulling for Change saw 10 teams compete to see who could pull a firetruck the quickest. Teams paid an entry fee of $100 to take part, and the highest pledging team was granted a one second advantage.

This year marks the return of the event after a one year absence, having been staged in 2014 and 2015.

While murmurs among the crowd had a team of RCMP officers in the lead, in the end it was actually a team from Michelin that came out on top with a time of 12.59 seconds, beating out the Mounties by four-tenths of a second. More than a full second separated the police from the athletes of the Crushers 1 team at 14.12, while the Kinsmen beat out the second Crushers team by three-tenths, with a time of 14.41.

The United Way’s Jessica Smith said the pull times blew previous attempts out of the water and she joked that the year off may have intensified the competition.

Pull times may have been tight, but in the spirit category there was a clear winner — the NSCC Social Service Bees, who not only dressed the part, but buzzed around like pollen and nectar were going out of style.

Although it is first and foremost a fundraiser, Smith noted that it is one of the United Way’s smaller events.

“It’s more about awareness for Pictou County United Way,” she said. “It’s just to bring more people and the community together.”

As in past years, the Alma Fire Department stepped up to supply a truck for the occasion.

“We contacted the Pictou County Firefighters Association,” Smith said while explaining Alma’s initial partnership, “and because we’re technically in their jurisdiction they got the right of first refusal, and they agreed to supply us a truck. They always say yes. They enjoy it too.”

A planned second truck from New Glasgow was unable to take part.

Smith said the next United Way event on the horizon will be a gingerbread house decorating event which will be held at Summer Street Industries on November 25.

RCMP members give it their all during the United Way of Pictou County’s Pulling for Change event held at the Pictou County Wellness Centre on Saturday. (Cameron photo)

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