New ED prepares to open

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Staff at the Aberdeen Hospital got a taste of what things will be like once the hospital’s new Emergency room wing opens. Last week, with the help of a coordinator, staff in the unit ran through mock scenarios to help ensure that everything runs smoothly once the unit opens.

“We’ve already done one in September, this is our second one,” said Jennifer Sutherland, health services manager for the emergency department. Staff will complete another session just before the emergency wing opens to the public.

“With each one, we add more complex scenarios,” she said. During last week’s training, staff had to accommodate a suicidal patient who was a danger to himself, a teenager having trouble breathing as well as two parents and a baby who had been in a motor vehicle accident, all with varying degrees of injuries.

Sutherland added that the new unit is already proving to be a great fit.

“We already have a larger, cleaner area to provide quality care,” she said, adding that the fact that they had the chance to have a say in the design of the department made a huge difference.

With opening day coming up, Sutherland added that the mock situation training will add that extra bit of familiarity and allow staff to be more orientated for opening day.

“We’re prepared for opening day, we’re very proud and excite to open,” Sutherland said.

Staff debrief after one of the mock scenarios in the new emergency department at the Aberdeen Hospital. (Brimicombe photo)

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