Students get big-time help


It has been said that all many of us need to succeed is a break, or a lift, or a second chance.

Nova Scotia Community College students officially got a huge boost last week with the official launch of a public financial campaign called Make Way to complete the NSCC Foundation’s goal to raise $25 million to support students at its 13 campuses.

All 13 of them, including the Pictou campus, hosted launches. The Pictou campus event was inspiring for the students, staff and guests who attended.

NSCC president Don Bureaux was able to announce that $21 million has already been raised through the initial “quiet” campaign, which underscores its support.

The Pictou County connection is noteworthy. Rob Sobey, who is highly regarded for his long-standing support for NSCC, chairs the provincial campaign. Each campus has developed its community Make Way appeal committee, and Sobeys was rightly impressed with the “big guns” assembled for the local campaign.

Andy MacGregor with MacGregor Industrial Group chairs the committee that includes Pictou campus principal Dave Freckelton and fellow members Jill Cameron, John Atwater, Debbie Kaleva, Wayne MacDonald, Cathy MacLean and Deanna Mohamed.

Besides MacGregor, local business people include Bruce Chapman, Rick Feehan, Joe Fiander, Sarah MacIntosh-Wiseman, Jim Proudfoot, Ray Wagg and Stephen Weeks. Also on the committee are Susan MacConnell and Henderson Paris.

The Pictou campus’s goal is $450,000, with $250,000 going toward student aid, $100,000 toward innovative programming and $100,000 being directed toward instructional equipment.

Matt Christie shared how he has benefited from working at the Michelin plant in Granton through its Technical Scholarship Program by working there while completing his electronic engineering technician course. It’s one of the many examples of how students have been rewarded for the professional and life skills they have developed.

This campaign is great news as NSCC closes the gap between those who need financial help and those who are getting it. As Freckelton stated, Make Way will allow students to function as students with fewer barriers.

“I get it, my community gets it, and our students get it!”

This is the most recent of many ways Nova Scotia’s community college system and the Pictou campus have been helped in a way that makes a difference.

Recent federal and provincial funding has been directed to a crucial addition to the back of the Pictou campus building called a Trades Innovation Centre, an addition that will open soon.

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