Michelin Development expands to Nova Scotia’s Cumberland, Inverness and Richmond counties

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NEW GLASGOW — Michelin Development is expanding its reach to all of Northern Nova Scotia and a portion of Cape Breton. This innovative community development program is now available to small business owners in Antigonish, Colchester, Cumberland, Guysborough, Inverness, Pictou and Richmond counties.

“We’re celebrating Small Business in Canada this week, and what a better way to celebrate the small business owners and small business dreamers by expanding our reach in the community,” said John Tully, president, Michelin Development Company.

Since opening its doors in 2014, Michelin Development Nova Scotia has shared 1000 hours of business expertise; and, along with its CBDC partners and East Coast Credit Union, the partnership has granted 70 small business loans in Nova Scotia, amounting to $1.475M.  To start things off on a high-note, Michelin Development is already meeting discussing possibilities with small business owners in the newly expanded catchment.

“The future is bright for Michelin Development in our northern Nova Scotia communities,” said Tully. “Since we started, our loan recipients have created 174 jobs in their communities – and I know there are many more to come.”

Michelin Development loan recipients are creating jobs in retail, manufacturing, food service, nutrition, fitness, technology, transportation and education. Loans support purchasing capital equipment, process improvement programs, working capital, marketing and many other areas.

“I was able to reach further into the marketplace with MDNS support,” said Scott Hartlen, owner of Supplement King in Truro and New Glasgow.

“Having this support enabled me to expand and increase my business. It was certainly a dream goal for me.”  Thanks to MDNS’s help, Hartlen’s increase in growth is now allowing him to strive for a third location in the Antigonish area.

Small business owners in these seven counties can access support from Michelin Development with a phone call. Added Tully: “If you are dreaming about opening your small business, make sure you talk to us first! And be sure to visit our website at www.michelindevelopment.ca.”




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