Large park revitalization announced in Trenton


Trenton Park will be getting a facelift over the next few years, with the help of a group of citizens working to improve the green space.

The Hemlock Group formed about four years ago with the idea of improving the park that is widely used. Wednesday evening at the Trenton Park pavilion the group, along with Trenton Mayor Shannon MacInnis, made the announcement of a revitalization project that will see the Town of Trenton invest $100,000 to the project that is estimated to cost $2.6 million.

“We hope to break ground next spring,” said Jenn Bethell of The Hemlock Group. They are unsure what project they will undertake first, but Bethell noted that they will prioritize based on funding as things continue.

As well as the funding from the town, the group is also planning on seeking funding from other levels of government and eventually a community funding campaign.

Some of the projects that have been planned for the park include a picnic seating area where the former mini golf course was, a new updated entrance and removal of the basketball court at the Trenton Rink entrance, as well as the addition of a new playground and splash pad and dog park. Renovations and repairs to main trails, the pool building housing change rooms and a few other aspects are included as well.

The approximate price for each project has been estimated by the group which allowed them to come to the approximate total of $2.6 million. Each of the main features to be added and ideas for some came from a public consultation that took place a number of years ago, as well as the group taking a look at other parks and identifying the things they would like to see in Trenton.

The project comes at a suiting time as not only does this year mark the 150th anniversary of Canada but the 50th anniversary of the park itself.

Earlier this year, the town announced it will be reopening the campground in the park this year. Despite the revitalization project not beginning until next spring, MacInnis assured that the campground will still open this summer, just on a limited basis with the plans to have it improved as the revitalization project moves along.

“It’s wonderful, it’s very exciting,” said Bethell.

Trenton Mayor Shannon MacInnis, left, stands with Jenn Bethell of The Hemlock Group who have just announced their partnership with the town and plans for their Trenton Park revitalization project. (Brimicombe photo)

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