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The Pictou West Food Bank will see a boost in donations this Halloween, thanks to the WE Scare Hunger program. Students will be going door to door collecting donations for the food bank on October 31.

The project is an initiative of the ME to WE program, a social program that runs in schools to encourage students to volunteer and give back to their community and others around the world that need help.

“Helping people that can’t afford food for themselves,” is why Brielle MacDonald takes part in the program and why she sees it as something important for her to help with.

Tess Murray has been involved in this program for a number of years and is getting ready to participate again this Halloween.

“Lots of people think it’s great,” she said.

The kids participating in the program will be wearing WE scare hunger T-shirts provided by The Advocate.

“I am very happy that The Advocate is able to provide support for the WE Scare Hunger initiative and help to tell the important story of the students and schools who continue to make a difference in our community,” said Advocate’s Crystal Murray. “The WE movement is engaging a new generation of citizens who will grow up with a better understanding of our global community and the ideals of philanthropy.”

Projects like WE Scare Hunger help students learn about poverty and need that exists in their own community and leverage the discussion on food security in a broader scope, she said.

Bill Skrynsky of the food bank and Opportunity Shop that is located in the same building as Pictou town office, added that they are happy to have the help with donations from the kids.

“It helps because then we don’t have to go to Sobeys,” he said. “The variety of things they have donated is also really appreciated.”

With the holiday season coming up, he said the food bank tries to take different things they receive and put them together into a special Christmas bag for users of the service. This way, around Christmas the patrons will receive their normal bag of food and a Christmas one with extras in it.

This is just the beginning of the season for the food bank which usually has a food drive just before Christmas to ensure they have enough for the increased customer base. They are also currently looking for someone to run this year’s food drive; those interested can contact the food bank.

“It just feels really good helping other people, paying it forward,” said Tess Murray.

From left, Brennan Archibald with Bill Skrynsky of the food bank, Brielle MacDonald, Tess Murray and Luke MacDonald show off the posters for their WE Scare Hunger event. The kids will be wearing T-shirts, donated by The Advocate, on Halloween when they collect donations. (Brimicombe photo)

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