Thirteen drivers facing charges under the Motor Vehicle Act

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KEMPTOWN – A baker’s dozen drivers were charged last week under the Motor Vehicle Act.

On Friday, October 20, between 3:30  and 5 p.m., Colchester District RCMP and RCMP Northwest Traffic Services, conducted traffic enforcement on Highway 104 in Kemptown.

As a result, one driver was charged for stunting after their vehicle was clocked at 167 km/h in a 110 km/hr zone. Five other drivers are facing charges for speeding in excess of 140 km/h, seven drivers were charged with failing to move over for an emergency vehicle, and two drivers received warnings for infractions under the Motor Vehicle Act.

The RCMP want to remind the public that speed is one of the major cases of serious injury and fatal collisions on our roads. Furthermore, it is imperative that drivers remember they are required under the Motor Vehicle Act to move into an available lane and/or slow to 60 kph when passing an emergency vehicle. RCMP officers continue to educate motorist on the Motor Vehicle Act while conducting enforcement initiatives and ask that people be accountable for their actions while driving.

If you see someone driving unsafely on our roads, report it by calling RCMP at 911.

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