Blair faces next pro bout


LYONS BROOK — Brody Blair is training for another pro boxing match.

Blair is scheduled to meet a Mexican opponent named Alejandro Garcia in a super-middleweight tiff at Centre 200.

Blair made his pro ring debut a winning one on May 27 in Fredericton, N.B. with a second-round knockout over American opponent Tim Valdez. A scheduled second bout in August fell through, so Blair is looking forward to the bout this month.

“It would have been perfect timing between the fight and training, but that’s boxing,” he said. “You never know if the fight’s confirmed until you see the other guy step through the ropes.”

Blair is looking forward to some Pictou County boxing fans joining those in Cape Breton for the card.

“It should be a good crowd,” he said. “I really have to thank Pictou County fans for their support. They’re wicked.”

Blair said it feels good to concentrate on boxing, now that his work during the lobster fishing season is complete.

“I feel really good working on my sparring, but I also am running and climbing steps,” he said.

Blair met up with his father Robert Blair for a trip to Victoria Park in Truro. There, Brody was preparing to climb Jacob’s Ladder 10 or 12 times.

“He knows how to get me in shape,” Brody said.

He’s been sparring with Nathan Millier, a slightly heavier boxer with 10 bouts of experience who is training for a bout in December.

Brody’s training is less wearing without the fishing regimen. He was training before and after fishing each day.

“I found it extremely difficult,” he said, while alluding to a plan not to box during fishing season. “I’m looking at just one fight at a time. It’s still early in the pro game. I don’t want to get ahead of myself.”

Tickets for the card are general admission and can be purchased at or by calling the ticket box office at 902-564-2200 with a promo code ofBrody. Blair can be contacted directly by email at or by phone at (902)574-6701.

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