Sentimental Journey making final call

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NEW GLASGOW — The 20th anniversary edition of A Sentimental Journey, Songs of the War Years, will be the event’s farewell performance.

The musical tribute to the war years is scheduled for November 4 starting at 3 p.m. at Summer Street. Tickets for the performance are available there by calling 755-1745.

Sandy Mackay, one of the six members of the group, said time has taken a toll on the popular presentation.

“We have some members who will be 70 years old,” he said. “The demographic has also changed in the community. There were more veterans 20 years ago, but we’d really like to go out with a bang.”

Mackay is joined by Ron and Greg MacDonald, John Spyder Macdonald and his wife Marjorie and Rhonda Brown.

He said the format remains relatively the same since the music was first performed in 1997.

“It has evolved very slowly,” he said. “The cast has been pretty much solid for the last 13 or14 years, and both Ron and I pick pieces that have a life of their own. We’ve also added a little more levity.”

Mackay sings with the group but is also an announcer who intersperses news flashes and narratives between songs.

He said the group had one of its most moving moments seven years ago toward the end of the show. He interjected a news bulletin declaring the end of the war in Europe. The crowd responded with loud, spontaneous applause as if it was being heard for the first time.

Part of the show’s enduring success has been Summer Street’s support, Mackay said.

Summer Street has been admitting veterans and their caregivers to the presentation free of charge and will do so this time. Summer Street received most of the proceeds and the musicians received a smaller amount.

“We’ve had an incredible run with tremendous support from Summer Street,” he said. “In the last seven years, they’ve looked at it as a community duty, as a way to say thanks to our veterans.”

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