Coin presented to Stellarton Legion

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After a visit to the Stellarton Legion for a levy Colonel Colin Todd of the Nova Scotia Highlanders noticed that the legion was missing a coin out of their collection.

In the Legion, there is a small museum display that holds different military mementoes including a collection of coins. As a recruit completes basic training they are awarded a coin among other things to mark their accomplishment. Although the legion had a collection of coins they were missing one from the Nova Scotia Highlanders.

“Typically what the coins are for, we present them to members of the infantry that complete their basic training course,” said Col. Todd.

President of the Nova Scotia Highlanders Association, Gary Stewart was also present for the presentation which he said is the first of its kind that he has heard of, as usually the coins are presented to individuals rather than organizations.

The presentation of the coin was made to President of the Stellarton Legion Jack Chaisson after the County Remembrance Day service on Sunday. As those from the service gathered at the Legion afterwards Todd made a small presentation of the coin to Chaisson.

“It’s a big thing,” added Stewart.

Pictured are Sergeant Major Joseph Johnson, left, Col. Colin Todd of the Nova Scotia Highlanders, Jack Chaisson, president of the Stellarton Legion and Gary Stewart, president of the Nova Scotia Highlanders Association.

(Brimicombe photo)

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