Kudos to councillors for rejecting donation


To the Editor:

Re: County Council balks at Crusher’s Junior A sponsorship.

The county taxpayers already support the ‘Well-to-do Center’, paying a large share of the out of control annual deficit of close to 3/4 a million dollars a year.

Now were being asked to start sponsoring a hockey team also running an annual deficit with a grant of $1,000! Councillor David Parker stated that “no financial statements were provided to council…”

This hockey club management has options: prices of tickets and season passes …”Haven’t really increased … since 2002”.

If those five councillors who vehemently support this initiative were to put their money where their mouth is, and buy seasons passes, their crisis would be close to solved. Cry me a river! (Remember these are the same councillors who attempted to lead us astray with their MOU!)

Kudos to councillors Boyle and the other six councillors who rejected an obviously bad choice for their constituents.

Ken Fraser

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