UPDATE: Sobeys to lay off 800 office workers across country

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Sobeys is cutting 800 office jobs as part of efforts to create one efficient national organization out of five regional operations. And according to The Chronicle Herald, 100 of those jobs are from the Stellarton head offices.

Local reports about job losses have been ongoing for several months and the company confirmed the news today when it shared a message from its president and CEO, Michael Medline.

“The first phase of our plan to transform our business, which has been focused on resetting the foundation of Sobeys and creating a new organization structure, is now substantially complete.

“The work to restructure the company is fundamentally changing our operating model from a collection of five regional businesses to one, national organization. This will allow us to be more efficient in many ways and to be more agile as we pursue new opportunities to compete and win the loyalty of Canadians,” Medline said in the statement.

He noted the creation of a smaller structure with fewer jobs has impacted only Sobeys office employees.

“This is one of the toughest things any company ever has to do. Change of this magnitude is not easy on our team and we are lending every support we can to people transitioning.”

Medline said the company’s future success and its continued service to more than 900 communities across the country depends on Sobeys’ commitment to transform its business.

The Stellarton operations were the least affected of any Sobeys offices across the country, Medline told The Herald.

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