Time to stand united


To the Editor:

If we ever had a time to stand as one, the time is now.

Northern Pulp is looking at the option of pumping effluent into the Northumberland Strait. Those employed in the fisheries are alarmed as to what the impact could be on marine life and their livelihood — as they should be. Let’s look at it from the perspective of how it affects ALL of us. Our waters will be polluted. Our wildlife put in jeopardy. Our beaches ruined… And don’t let them tell you it won’t. Just look at Boat Harbour.

They tell us that the technology does not exist to change this to another option. That should not be our problem. If the company cannot find a way to change the effluent dispersal that does not impact negatively upon our environment then they need to figure it out. I am not saying close down the mill. This is not about being for or against the mill. It is about are we willing to stand by and sacrifice the marine life, wild life and our beautiful Northumberland Strait. It is about standing up for nature because nature cannot stand up for itself.

NOW it must be about ALL of us trying to preserve our life style: Beaches, fishing, wild life, clean air and water, and so much more. We have been struggling for many years to clean up this problem and to no avail. All government parties have had an opportunity to do something and they all have fallen short. We are allowing this business venture to dictate our life and how we live it. Is this a business that employs many people and has a huge economic impact upon our county? Yes indeed it does! Do we choose that path at the cost of our health and environment? In the past, that is exactly what has happened.

Individuals who have tried valiantly to change things have met roadblocks at every turn. Please recognize the fight to clean up this problem is not personal but is a response to an outcome that will impact EVERYONE.

Stand up and protest the pumping of the effluent into the Northumberland Strait that will, with out a doubt, have a horrific and lasting impact upon our lives.

Margaret Facey
Braeshore, Pictou County

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